About UniversalTunnelStroy

The expertise of ООО UniversalTunnelStroy lies in subsurface utility engineering. The company has successfully completed more than 50 projects, building oil and gas pipelines, cable tunnels, waterworks, sewers, drains, heat grids, and power cable lines.

UniversalTunnelStroy employs the trenchless microtunneling method, building new utilities without disrupting the infrastructure or natural environment on the surface.

Most of the construction services offered by UniversalTunnelStroy are in the following fields:

oil and gas pipelines
cable tunnels
drainage systems
heat grids
power cable lines

UniversalTunnelStroy workers have built over 30km of microtunnels in the course of their tunneling career.

Cable Tunnels:

110kw tunnel from Yashino Substation (Moscow). Length: 650m, diameter: 3m, boring depth: 10m. This project was a hydro-geological challenge: we had to deal with waterlogged sands of varying composition and a much higher than usual underground water level. The route went underneath some motorways and very close to Moscow’s Metro tunnels.

110kw tunnel from Marfino Substation (Moscow). Length: 1400m, diameter: 3m, boring depth: 12m. The route was divided into two long sections. One was 850m long (3m in diameter), which sets a new record for the Russian capital.

110kw tunnel from Ochakovo Substation to City-2 Substation (Moscow). Length: 500m, diameter: 4.1m. Boring depth in the first section: 9m, second section: 30m (underneath the Moskva River). This tunnel was drilled under one of Moscow’s most critical thoroughfares: Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Our engineers made an extra effort to assure the maximum tunneling precision, reliable hermetic seal of the tunnel, and preventing the slightest sagging of the road surface.

110kw cable tunnel Novobrattsevo-Voikovskaya (Moscow). Length: 1400m, diameter: 3m. This tunnel was built between an existing gas pipe and another tunnel of a larger diameter, in a soil dominated by waterlogged sands, with a high groundwater level. The depth of boring was close to 10m. The water level had to be artificially lowered by drilling deepwater wells and applying pumps.

110kw cable tunnel Novo-Kuntsevo-Setun (Moscow). Length: 650m, diameter: 4m, boring depth: close to 15m. Not only was this tunnel built underneath existing motorways and parks, it also runs under some high-voltage power lines and Moscow Railway tracks. The high density of subsurface utilities was complemented by geological challenges. Drain wells were drilled inside the tunnel in order to lower the groundwater level.

Tunnel from Pervomaiskaya Substation (Moscow). Total length: 6500m, section diameters: 4.1m, 3.6m and 3m. One of the nuances in this project was that a tunnel section of 1300m was built without interim wells, setting a new world record for a tunnel without surface access. By extending section length, the engineers minimized the cutting down of trees, traffic closing and relocation of existing utilities. This project was also distinguished by a particularly complex route, traversing some densely populated Moscow neighborhoods with an extra high density of subsurface utilities. The use of some cutting-edge technology enabled us to complete the project within half the time set by the customer.

Skolkovo Tunnel (Moscow). Length: 300m, diameter: 3m.

Tunnel from Thermoelectric Power Plant 21 (Moscow). Length: 1300m, diameter: 4.1m.

Cable tunnel from Novo-Vnukovo Substation (Moscow). Length: 300m, diameter: 3.6m.

Cable tunnel for two VL-110 kw cables under Govorova ul. (Moscow). Length: approx. 600m, diameter: 3m.

Two tunnels underneath the Bolshaya Okhta River in St. Petersburg. Each tunnel was 500m long and 1.5 m in diameter.

Tunnel for a petrochemicals pipe near Pulkovo Highway (St. Petersburg). Length: 1300m, diameter: 1.5m.

Tunnel near Pulkovo Highway (St. Petersburg). Length: 600m, diameter: 1.5m.


Disposal systems for Prestige M shopping mall in Moscow.

Pressure sewer for Moscow’s Zhulebino neighborhood.

Sewers for Moscow’s Voikovsky neighborhood.

Sewer for Vnukovo-2 airport terminal (Moscow). Length: 400m, diameter: 1.2m.

Sewer pipe along the Sinopskaya Embankment in St. Petersburg. Length: 600m, diameter: 1.5m.

Power Cable Lines

Power cable lines along Moscow’s Third Ring.

Oil and Gas Pipelines

Enclosed crossings built as a contribution to the remodeling of the final section of the Yaroslavl-Moscow oil mainline for Transneft. UniversalTunnelStroy built one enclosed crossing near the Moscow Beltway exit at Shosse Entuziastov (the tunnel is 350m long and 1.5m in diameter), and two more crossings at Volgogradskoe Shosse (one 288m long and 1.5m in diameter, the other 200m and 1.5m, respectively). The main challenge was the high density of existing subsurface utilities. In this part of Moscow, there are more than 36 subsurface conduits per 10km of the highway. The tunneling depth was 19m.

UniversalTunnelStroy built its fourth tunnel for this project under Akulovsky Water Canal in the Moose Island national nature preserve. The tunnel depth was 16m. All these tunnels had complex routes with short rectilinear sections in between long curving parts with small curve radii. We always build our tunnels according to the highly nuanced technical specifications of our customers.

Two sewers underneath the Bolshaya Okhta River in St. Petersburg. Each sewer is 500m long and 1.5m in diameter.

Tunnel for a petrochemicals pipe near Pulkovo Highway (St. Petersburg). Length: 1300m, diameter: 1.5m.

Tunnel for a petrochemicals pipe close to Dachny Prospekt in St. Petersburg. Length: 900m, diameter: 1.5m.

Our Partners:

Administrative Office of the President of the Russian Federation
Government of Moscow
Moscow Patriarchy
Department of New Construction, a Moscow public institution
Moscow United Electric Grid Company
United Energy Company
Federal Grid Company of the United Energy System
ARKS Group
Vodokanal Sankt-Peterburga
Directorate for St. Petersburg Beltway Construction
UKS for Utilities, Buildings and Roads
Inzhstroy-City Monolit
Mosavtodor, Department of Roads for the Moscow Region
Transstroy Corporation